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The factors to consider in the purchase of wood slicer are as follows?

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The factors to consider in the purchase of wood slicer are as follows:

1. What is used to buy wood slicer, which is generally used for slicing materials, but different materials need to buy wood slicer models are different, so the specific equipment models are selected according to the materials and materials of the material;

2. There are two kinds of choice of wood slicer, one is drum type wood slicer and the other is disk type wood slicer, which type should be chosen according to the production needs to make a decision;

The premise of buying wood slicer can also consider the factors of the manufacturer


3. The premise of the purchase of wood slicer can also consider the factors of manufacturers, which can not be ignored, has a key role, different manufacturers of size and specifications are not the same, from the beginning of feeding, to technical research, and finally to the production of finished products will affect the quality of wood slicer, And the price of well-known brands of wood slicer will be relatively higher than those more general manufacturers, but the quality will also have a certain guarantee, but anything is not decided, so it is recommended that friends in the wood processing industry consider several factors at the same time to buy, so that their own enterprises to achieve the highest interests.

For wood chip processing at present, domestic wood chip processing equipment is mainly disk chipper and drum wood chipper, according to the use of the market, disk chipper takes up a large proportion, disk chipper can be processed separately, can also be combined with some conveying equipment or peeling equipment for processing, the machine will log into the feed port, The material is cut by a high-speed rotating cutter head, which is equipped with a wear-resistant chrome blade. When running, the sharp blade will cut the wood into a fixed size of wood chips, and the size of the material will be uniform.

Disc wood chipper has large processing performance, simple and reasonable equipment design and convenient operation. Compared with similar products, it has the highest processing capacity of wood chips. Therefore, disc chipper is the most commonly used product and the most efficient wood slicer, and drum chipper is reasonable in design. High working efficiency, and has become the most advanced wood slicer.

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